Manage the challenges of modern life through the ancient teachings of yoga




As a GP, I am seeing mental health issues, chronic pain, and fatigue impact more and more of my patients.

Whilst modern medicine is now realising the importance of mental wellbeing, the ancient Indian teachings have understood this for millenia. When Pantanjali formalised the practise of yoga, he dedicated nearly 200 hundred threads to meditation and just three threads to postures. This is why yoga for me is about Dhayana (Meditation) and Asana (Postures)

My yoga classes try to focus on the challenges of non-stop modern life with an emphasis on flexibility, strength, postural alignment, energy and meditation.


Class Structure

My classes are open to adults of all levels of ability without judgement or prejudice.

I run my classes online with smaller groups, and request that all my students join with their video enabled. This allows me to form a closer bond and provide feedback to my yogis and ensure that they can achieve the correct form.

Whilst each class is different, all classes involve a variety of techniques derived from classical Hatha yoga, and vinyasa flow, and include guided meditation and pranayama (breathwork).



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