My journey to yoga…

My journey started 10 years ago where I was blessed to have been introduced to my inspirational Yoga Guru by my amazing neighbour and this relationship still continues today.

I remember attending my first class and thinking, “everyone is going to be flexible, I can’t even touch my toes, how do I keep still, what is yoga all about”. But I was hooked from day one. The energy in the class, the calm and tranquillity, no judgements and the focus on doing your best for your own improvement is what has stuck with me all these years. I was enlightened to understand that true yoga is not just an exercise regimen, which is what it seems to have become for most part of the world now, but an ancient science that encompasses the whole physical body with the mind and universe in a practice that has unbelievable benefits.

Yoga has shaped my life in so many ways. It’s given me the tools to be the best mother I can be, the patience for everyday life, the ability to regulate my emotions especially anger and frustration, to feel good and healthy and most of all to learn about myself and connect to the mind body and soul. From being unable to cope with silence and alone time I have starting loving time to myself, enjoy slowing down and feel the stress just lift and really cherish all that life has given me. Meditations and pranayama truly has allowed me to be able focus better, quieten down my thoughts and not to worry about all the things we cannot control.

Our daily lives are full of rushing around, stress, aiming for the ‘best’, keeping up with what the world tells us too but with that I have seen the rise in anxiety, mental health problems, stress and chronic disease in my job as a GP.

Practising yoga really has helped me to balance life. Meditation and pranayama are a great way to still the mind of thoughts, feel calm and relaxed and connect to a deeper energy within. Practising yoga asanas has helped to improve my flexibility, strength, posture and resilience.

Humbled at my own growth I decided to complete a 300-hour teacher training course during the pandemic to be able to share this beautiful practice with everyone in hope that it brings as much joy and happiness as it has to my life. I started teaching friends and family over the last couple of years and finally decided to launch Dhyasana Yoga for everyone.

Yoga has become a special part of my life and now I would love to share it.

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